Ute Lemper

I Am A Vamp!

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My bed belonged to Pompadour
Like Lulu I have bright red hair
I dance as well as Salome
And treat my Baptists just as fair
I wear Mata Hari's dress
The ring of Marie Antoinette
The fairest Helen wore this corset
To a gala Trojan fête
I am the poison of the Borgias
I'm a witch like Joan of Arc
I wear the stockings of Dubarry
Bathe in coffins for a lark
I am a vamp, I am a vamp
Half woman, half beast
I bite my men and suck them dry
And then I bake them in a pie
I am a vamp, I am a vamp
That's all I can do
I'm not mild-mannered like you
And oh no and oh no
My passion takes over and off I go
I should really be kept in a zoo

All that's wild and weird and crazy
I have been known to collect
I have Klemperer's piano
And the cap of Bertolt Brecht
I've got Mata Hari's secrets
Wally Simpson's amethyst
In a frame up on my wall
Hangs a Valentino kiss
It's true that some of my collections
I have found in other's trash
Like the Weimar constitution
Also Hitler's first moustache
I am a vamp, etc.

I have a prince to write my letters
Ev'ry servant is a count
At the stables King Alfonso
Helps me get astride my mount
Thomas Mann gives me a facial
Using Garbo's beauty creams
I'm sung to sleep by Richard Tauber
The Prince of Wales is in my dreams
Today Von Sternberg called and offered
Me a stunning leading role
Once I'm a star he'll start to worship me
And then I'll eat him whole
I am vamp, etc.

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