Aaron Tippin

I Believed

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In a tiny town where the biggest things
Were the water tower and a young boy's
I Believed
In a little house of simple means
Where doing without was a common
I Believed
On a dried up square of worthless Earth
Where we scratched our living out of
The Dirt
I Believed
In a little brown church where I first
The choir sing and the preacher's word
I Belived, oh I believed
And the closer that I looked within
The further I could see
And I really didn't have much other
So, I believed
In a high-rise world of steel and glass
Where a man dies young if he don't think
I Believed
On the streets where the truth is hard
to find
And what's in it for me is the bottom line
I Believed
In a place whre people don't seem to
They turn their backs like you're not
I Believed
Yeah, where anything goes, it usually
I held my breath and bit my tongue
And I believed, Oh I Believed
In a higher place, in a deeper faith
In a power stronger than you or me
I Believed
Now when they put that granite on my
All I want that stone to say is
I Believed
And where I'm from and the woman I love
The job I did and God Above
I Believed, I Believed, I Believed
I Believed, I Believed, I Believed

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