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I ain't been in California
But I'd like to see the sights
I've had visions of the future

Visions of my name in lights
Maybe play a couple festivals
Maybe make some money too
Then I'll go out with a party
Ride the world for me and you

I ain't been out to Jamaica
But girl can you dirty wine for me?
Maybe shake your hips majestically
Can you shake "em just for me?
'Cause if you'd be my lover

You won't have to be afraid

'Cause girl in time you realize

You'll be happy that you stayed

l wanna be a Globetrotter maybe
You can fly around the world with me
I know I sound so crazy
Because it's all I've tried to be
I wanna be a Globetrotter maybe
The world can know my name
You can be a queen baby
And the world will never be the same

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Autor(es): David Stanbury, Max Vickers