Echo & The Bunnymen

Too Young To Kneel

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Who's gonna hold you
When you're too scared to feel
Who's gonna cure you
When the pain won't heal

Who's gonna be there
When the world goes wrong
Who's gonna tell you
You're the only one

In my blood
In my soul
In this mind of mine
Can your touch
Turn me cold
Make my glitter shine

Who's gonna reach you
When you can't be caught
Who's gonna teach you
What you can't be taught

Who's gonna beat you
When you won't be fought
Who's gonna buy you
When you can't be bought

Who's gonna pray for you
When you're too young to kneel
Who's gonna fake it
When it gets too real

One more question answered
In the falling star
I heard they found
Death on mars

[Chorus: x 2]

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