In Search Of Sanity

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A secret kept inside my head
Another personality
A symbiotic creature feeding my mind
Slowly killing me
At first it haunted me in my dreams
And visited me at night
When i woke up i felt alright
But now i feel it rise
Leave me alone - try to find my peacу ща minв
I can't escape - i'm in search of my insanity
Remembering my former life
And all the beautiful thiongs i've seen
Till something crept inside my head
A creature wicked, wild, and mean
What can i do? i cannot stand
Living through this hell
The man i was now down anв out
It's hard for me to see
I had enough, death calls for me
It's time for me to go
Pull the trigger - bullet - head
I didn't even feel the blow
No crimson light awaiting me
No heaven and no hell
I open my eyes and realize
It keeps me still alive
Leave me alone - i can't even rest in peace
I can't escape - now i'm back in this hell again