In The Mood

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Ah hey now baby - well I like your smile
Won't you come and talk to me - for a little while
Well you're makin me crazy - the way you roll them eyes
Won't you come and sit with me - I'll tell you all my lies
Hey baby it's a quarter to eight - I feel I'm in the mood
Hey baby, the hour is late - I feel I've got to move

Well ah hey now baby - don't ya talk so fast
I'm just tryin to make this good time - I'm tryin to make it last
Everything's gettin hazy - now honey where'd you go
I just want to find out baby - where'd you learn what you know

Well ah hey now baby - I said I like your style
You really got me baby - way down deep inside
ooo ya drive me crazy - baby you're the one
I just wanna rock and roll you woman - until the night is done
Chorus (add 'yes I do' at end)