Snoop Dogg


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As I take another token toke of this stinky stanky stuff of boom back pipe lean back roll and another joint lean back and puff slowly

Whenever I'm making a record I get into my character trying to portray something I feel so that the whole world can believe in

"Does anybody no my name? Snoop Dogg
"Whats my name? Snoop Dogg

"hold on I want yall to same my name like this?..snoop snoop snoop

There's seven wonders of the world, your about to witness the eighth
Scratch "nigga ask about me?

You don't believe me,
Yo cat roll out the blue carpet

Blue hat blue socks blue shoes too cool blue car blue house
Blue pit blue pool blue grass blue coup blue b ball hoop
What kind of phone you on loc ? im on a blue tooth
Talk to me nephew my nigga booh cat who he make
Pimpn on a bitch look so cool
Old school old fool still on a nigga first
Run up with that punk shit and I fill up a niggas shirt
Do it till it hurt cus it hurt so bad
Snoopy d o dub they cant touch your swag
Ol mark ass nigga better tuck your flag
Cus when my music out loco ima smash your ass
Fuck him fuck her and fuck yall too
Cus im snoop dogg im so hood so true
And everytime you see me im ol so blue