I See A Mansion In The Sky

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How many notes could post man post if a post man could post notes
Here's a clue there's nothing knew just a helluva lotta more of what come before
Like shit on a stick or cum on toast, like hey lawdy mama I love you the most--but
Try not to choke and try not to gag, I have your balls in a sling and your cock in a bag
And if those fat bull frogs won't croak I'll give their little bready eyes a poke
And if those hairy lids won't blink, I'll sit thousands years and think
Of every fish that's in the sea and every bird that's in the sky
I'll turn to the corpse of god and cry, I see a mansion in the sky

How many wholes can a young buck fuck if a young buck could fuck wholes
There's more to see in the cunt of a flea than in the darkness of your soul - I know
Who is who and what is what, what barks like a dog and quacks like a duck
When the lightning cracks and the wild wind blows you can stick that smell right up your nose
Damned if you do and damned if you don't, I hope those big lead boots can float
On the rivers of blood raised in a flood to wash these words right down your throat
Turn to the thing that's by your side, look into what you hope are eyes and cry
I see a mansion in the sky

In a pure land you can see forever
Your thoughts float like a lotus in a stream
In a pure land rise and look around you
Arise and awaken from your dreams
A pure mind sees a pure land
A pure mind sees a pure land
A pure land, a pure land, a pure land

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
How much good could a good man do if a good man could do good
Carved by the fire and nailed by the rain, crafted by hope and love and pain
Built of stone or built of wood, I'd build it solid if I could
But if that leap balloon won't fly I'll piss in the wind and hope to die
And if I'm dead when I awake, you'll know it was all a big mistake
I lowered the sky and raised the ground, tore from my an awesome sound
Lit the eternal torch and cried, I see a mansion in the sky