It's Only Love

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I see the sunlight in her hair
I feel the warm smile that she wears
She has no recipe for love
And I just can't get enough
From the distance of my mind
The clock that's ringin' says it's time
To wake up to my destiny
It's time to face reality
It's only love that I feel inside
But I'll get by somehow
It's only love
I never woke up from my dream, girl
I know there's something else for me, girl
I tell myself that it's not real
There's nothing left for me to feel
I'll just be going on my way
Tomorrow brings another day
It's only love that I feel inside
But I 've got to be strong
Keep my mind hangin' on
It's only love but I know I'll get by
I'll take my heart and pride and just throw them aside
It's only love
It's only love
It's only love

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