Manny Manuel


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LEAD, Bro we Gonne LEAD, cause we some LEADERS
A Different breed, real talk never concede to...
Fake fecal, they sell to people, just know this message equals
That Real, you can FEEL, when it's TRILL...

See MANNY lead from the front, fresh attire and a blunt
Got the matches and the gas, brought the mental and the pump
Got my niggas riding fast, and they knowledge power up
Flow standing on the gas, every time I power up

Grind All about the future, but the past built the leader
A lot of people past, and demeaned my demeanor
10 whips, and 20 cribs, don't define what I mean to
My legacy, a young broken minds with no leader

I FEE-FIE-FOE it, and be it like I know it
Got the game on the end of the pen, like I'm a poet
Leaders with that knowledge & real, you better know it
Mentally elevating the field, skillfully still...

Know when to move, it's careful & it's smooth
Till then, this light gonna light the night like it's the MOON...
150 punching the foreign, smoke left a ploom
LEADING by example, Doing what I do...

Its realer than the meaning, and the blood that we bled
The leader be the first up, and last to go to bed
Creating ways to get my cash up, for kinfolk, and my kids
Leading my people, realistically just a equal...

Some secretly follow, but pretend to LEAD
Always got they swag on, but mentally be far from free...
Almost 33, chasing after 33
Bringing misery, TO niggas want the worst for me...

Look homie, be the TRUTH, homeboy just yourself
See MANNY speak the truth, till ain't no speakers lefts
Now see the truth will have you questioning what's in the mirror
Just keep it real, and you'll be happy with whats in the mirror

These niggas faker than the shadow they see in the mirror
Know they a act & hate the fact, I ain't lie to the mirror...
Lead wit FACTS, on the BACK, See I PACK, That I'm BLACK
It makes You WACK, if you even care bout that...

Autor(es): Christopher Manuel

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