Linkin Park

Jornada Del Muerto

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Jornada Del Muerto
I told you that you were mine
But then you decided to cheat on my ass
right from behind
Jornada Del Muerto
You fucking cock sucking whore
I’ll never have you clean my clothes
Or empty out my drawers
Can you seeeeeeee through me
All I want to do is hold you
And bang you sweetfully
Can you pee for me
And let me go free to theee
with your Pussyyyyyyyyyy
Please let me be
Jornada Del Muerto
I did not think you were a slut
Jornada Del Muerto
You got right in front of my butt
Jornada Del Muerto
You make me so fucking angry
Jornada Del Muerto…please…
Can you speak to me
All I want to do is bang you so sweetfully
Can you pee on me
All I want to do is go to my sanctuary
Jornada Del Muerto

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