Fucked Up

Living in a Simulation

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When I was young, I had a dream

Living in a simulation
I saw the hand of God in the sky
Perhaps it was a figmentation
Just a dream reaching out of my mind
But then a finger twitched and like a flip I switched
I saw a world unlike anything I
Had heretofore seen or been before, see
Now I knew everything was a lie
What a strange new sensation
To fill my head with the light of the stars
By some mental defenestration
I slid through my dimensional bars
I smelled shapes that were impossible
I tasted colors that could talk
I heard energy rush into me
The sublimation of my heart
Oh fantasy, supervene rhapsodies over me!
And after so much deliberation, I've decided that I'd like to stay
Deep in this endless fascination, watching my troubles echo away
I could be happy here where the air is clear
And I can see the gestalt of time
Although the denizens of this heavenly clime
Seem something less than inspired
When I was young I had a dream and in the dream I was a dog
And there he lay under a tree, having his own wonderful dreams
See how a mind with time to dream
Would see a place meant for the free
And have those thoughts conjure a screen
Between the how and how it seems
Oh bright sophistry, let down your canopies
Give me sleep from forgery, send me back to where I've been!
Living in a simulation, I guess that's all we can ever know
I thought I'd felt an elevation, but what's above is another below
Maybe it was a hallucination and my imagination lied
Living in a simulation, I saw the hair of dog in the sky

Autor(es): Damian Abraham, Ben Cook, Jonah Falco, Mike Haliechuk, Sandy Miranda, Josh Zucker