Adrian Belew

Life Without A Cage

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You used to feel free
you used to feel fine
now you feel like a captive
in your very own mind

I hear you've been walking on eggs again
perched on the edge of the lunatic fringe
you can't fly, can't fly, you can't fly away
you're thinkin' about life without a cage

What can I say to you
I'm in a different state
What can I offer you
I'm on another stage
What can I do for you?

I hear you've been dying in your living room
chained to the furniture, looking for the door
you can't move, can't move, you can't move eternally
still thinkin' about life without a cage

You smile much less, yes,
invariably the verge of a frown
you sleep in all day,
hiding from your reasoning

You used to be free
well, what can I say?