Nick Lowe

Little Hitler

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Little Hitler, what you doin'
Is the passion inflamed again, again
Little Hitler, where you goin'
Is it go go night again tonight
Ever searchin' for the action
But the action don't want to know
I said all along you're a tough one
(Little Hitler)
Little Hitler, what's the matter now
Can't you settle for the center of attention
Little Hitler, now I'm serious
Let me guess why you knocked me
Off your guest list
As the world turns
At the edge of night
And the seed is shot and sown
I'll make a Little Hitler of my own
(Little Hitler)
When the goin' gets tough
The tough get goin'
Every now and then
l can see 'em runnin', runnin'
You can talk with them
You can be shot with them
But you'll get no change
Only shootin' at 'em long range
See you someday soon (Little Hitler)
Selfish pleasure, yeah (Little Hitler)
With the one I love (Little Hitler)
Now you're not alone...yeah (Little Hitler)
With the one I love (Little Hitler)
Little Hitler of my own (Little Hitler)

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