Elkie Brooks

Live A Little Get Somewhere

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Live a little, get somewhere
Funny how time can work on the mind
You learn a little each day
Live a little, get somewhere
You'll never know how much I needed you
I never thought to tell you
Oh, anyday
I could have been by your side
Anyway, I played you wrong
Too late to worry why
Why's too late, you've gone
Live a little, get somewhere
The watch that you gave me
It doesn't keep good time
But I can tell the day from night
Night is when there's no one there
Days are silent people everywhere
Shouting loud but I can't hear
Oh, live a day
Learn to be a little better now
Funny how I'm learning fast
Too late to learn again
It's much too late, it's past
Live a little, get somewhere
Life for me now is a sailboat in a calm
The storm has passed me by
Live a little, get somewhere
Look to the cloudless sky for the wind to come
And blow my sailboat home
Oh, any time
I could see where I was going to
Not any more, I've lost my way
The map I had is old and torn
The love I had has gone
It's all gone away, away

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