Live And Die

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I get up Friday morning and I'm late for school only 13
but I got mad pull, it's cool who need a job when I
can steal and rob making all that money, but my mom
don't think it's funny call up the homies cuzz
today's the day they gonna make a man of me, a
gangsta, an O.G. they say I'm young, but I got much
Heart feel like a kid inside, I know how to play the
part gonna get jumped in, but man it ain't no thang 5
minutes of pain for the love of a gang might not be
right but it's all I know messed up and joined a gang,
gave away my soul

Nothing matters to me, except right now
Make it through till tomorrow, some way some how
You don't understand, but it makes sense to me
I won't stop until I rest in peace

I got my first 9-lim, so brothers beware looking to
get into some trouble, all it takes is a stare without a
care, I see some fools that ain't from my set represent
what I claim, then take my respect scared as heck, but
I'm down how you figure you might be big but my
trigga is bigga bust five shots as I fall to the floor
within a single second I become hardcore I know this
morning, it would be one of those days g' I missed them
suckas again, but hit a lady and her baby

Chorus 2x

Get that fool
Live by the sword, die by the sword
Innocend life, what they dying for
Live by the gat, die by the gun
Who suffers when it's all said and done 2x