Rod Stewart

Live The Life

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You wrote it in your email that you’re sad and lonely
‘Cause a girl in college has stolen your heart
And so my estimation of the situation
Is I bet you can’t stand being apart

Listen son you've got to find a sense of perspective
Ain’t no use you burying your head in the sand
But I kinda like your revolutionary spirit
You know you got to fall before you learn how to stand

Nobody’s gonna know what it’s like
To walk a mile in your shoes
Satchmo sang it's s a wonderful world
But what you make of it is up to you

Let yourself fly, let yourself cry
The years will disappear in a blink of an eye
There’s music in the air, is it Holst or Brahms?
It'll be heaven when she's in your arms

Love the life you live
Live the life you love

Everybody here been asking about you
When’s that boy of yours gonna be coming home
And when I hear the bells ringing down at the school yard
It reminds me of when you were young

You know you gotta polarize your concentration
I know that girl of yours gonna understand
Never underestimate the power of affection
When you got the world in the palm of your hands

Don’t go looking for the pot of gold
Over that miracle mile
Happiness lies in your own back yard
Utopia can take a little while

Walk down the aisle, with that big old smile
Collect that diploma with your head up high
Study with soul to reach that goal
But always remember, let the good times rule

Love the life you live
Live the life you love

Walk by the lake
Hand in hand
Try and see a sunrise in a foreign land
Tell her that you love her
Don't be afraid
Keep every promise that you've ever made

Love the life you live
Live the life you love

You gotta love it
You gotta love it
Make the most of it
You only got one chance
So take it with your hand
Love the life you live