Live wire

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Well if you're lookin' for trouble

I'm the man to see

If you're lookin' for satisfaction

I'm satisfaction guaranteed

I'm as cool as a body on ice

Or hotter than a rollin' dice

Send you to heaven

Take you to hell

I ain't foolin'

Can't you tell

I'm a live wire

Gonna set this town on fire

Well if you need some lovin'

And if you need some man

You've got the phone and the number

And I got no future plans

Oh come on honey you got nothin' to lose

You got the thirst 'n I got the booze

Give you an inch

Take you a mile

I wanna make you fry

I'm a live wire

Holy smoke and sweet desire

Cooler than a body on ice

Hotter than a rollin' dice

Wilder than a drunken fight

You're gonna burn tonight