B. J. Thomas

Living Again

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If you would come into my life again
I would never hurt you like I did you then
No I'd be so content
So satisfied to live again
I know my face would wear smile again
And when I feel your touch I'd hear my heart begin
To start beating inside
I'd come alive
So glad
To be living again
I can't count the ways that I missed you
How much I've wanted to kiss you
Girl you know that you're still in my soul
Without your love
I just can't survive
You're the only hope left in this world I have
So won't you say that you love me
You'll make me happy
So glad
To be living again
Ohh I need you girl
One look at you is all I need
To bring breath back to me
So won't you take me by the hand
Let's make love destiny
Just let me live

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