Cypress Hill


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Hey ese look at these two motherfuckers right here homes
What you thinkin' homes
Wait `till he turns around homes

How you like me now puto?
Fuck you pig
Let' go homes
It's the fuckin' bus eh
Get on ese
Right here homes

One-times not down with us
Now they lookin' for my ride, but I'm on the bus
Don't turn your back on a rapper like me
`Cause I'm one broke motherfucker in need
What's goin' on in the mente
Takin' from the rich an' not from my gente
Look at that gabacho slipping
Borracho from the cerveza he's sipping
No me vale madre
Gabacho prey to your padre
This is one the time you wanna give me the jale

Four and three and two and one
This old muthafucka got him a gun
I took one to the knee-cap
Things happened so fast
Now I dropped my strap
Now I'm about to meet my maker
Though I had it all figured out with a paper
No longer will I be running
Last thing I heard was the fucking gatt humming

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