London Leather Boys

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Walking down the main street, I see a city`s face;
boys dressed in leather, girls dressed in lace.
See the easy riders, they`re roaring down their way.
They need to give full speed ahead.
They`ve been bunched together to keep their crazy life.
They turn on the power, get wrecked every night.
Got some kind of feeling looking in his eyes.
I feel the power surge to a head.
London Leather Boys. Nightmare`s pleasure. (What you`ve done?)
London Leather Boys. All together.
After all the roaring, the sound of silence scares.
Girl of the leader cried in his arms.
Don`t you see the danger when we are running wild?
Please stop the games; it`s getting late
London Leather Boys...
Swearing that you would do, he could not even say.
Boy dressed in leather, boy died in pain.
They`re the easy riders, but heroes die too fast.
He was more than the best oft the bunch.
Best together. Lousy leather. Say what`s better, all together!
London Leatherboys...