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You tell me I should not be all by myself,
That's good advice
I'll hum a tune and break the ice 'cos I m lonely
Everyone looks good to me
But I m afraid that I can see that good intent and honesty do not redeem stupidity
When all is said and all is done
You either know or down you go into the pit of shallow wit with all the other hypocrites
You're not bad, you're not good
You're a solid block of wood
You have eyes but cannot see why I despise your company
I am lonely
People come, people go
They put on their little shows
See them laugh, see them cry
See them live their little lies
I'm alone with you and I m lying too
I'm alone with you and you're lying too
Oh, we are all liars and that's all that's true
I'm alone with you I m alone with you
I'm lonely lonely lonely just a lonely guy.
Yup, that's me...