Rory Gallagher

Lonely Mile

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It's five 'o'clock in the morning,
Ain't got a dime.
Standing under your window,
That ain't no crime.

Keeping out of the weather,
Up for the dawn.
Yeah I'm stealing stealing,
When I should be gone.

Six 'o'clock in the morning,
Ain't got no prayer.
Cause your never no answer,
But I know your there.

It's my own fault you see,
It must be the wine.
Got this fever, getting deeper,
Until it cuts like a knife.

You've got me walking that lonely mile,
Just like a child.
Why you trying to act so tough,
Tell me what's my crime.

Nine 'o'clock in the morning,
Still no sign.
Turn on the big sun,
Switch down the night.
Like a hand in a glove.

We were partners in crime,
I'm goin to leave here.
Shouldn't be here,
Walk down that lonely mile.

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