Nick Lowe

Long Limbed Girl

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Long limbed girl
Where are you now?
When I think back in my mind
A sweet memory I find
But the edges are starting to curl
Where are you now, long limbed girl?

The other day, I was going through some old papers in my desk
When I came upon a photograph and I had to catch my breath
It was a picture of a girl tall and slender as a willow tree
And she had her arms 'round me

Long limbed girl
Where are you now?
Well, I wonder about you
And if you made it through
And had all your dreams come true now
Or has it been a long and bumpy road, long limbed girl?

So young and foolish
But so in love
You were my girl
Where are you now?

I wanna know what happened after me
Did you find love eventually?
And was it everything you'd hoped it would be?
Or has it been a long and bitter road, long limbed girl?

I wonder where you are tonight, girl
Wherever you are, follow your star, girl
In my mind, forever young long limbed girl
Long limbed girl

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