Red Hot Chili Peppers

Long Progression

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When I’m shy in ways
But I love
Everything of first impressions
Sweet successions

Been around for quite a while
I see you kept in versatile
Motivated to combine
Even when it’s bad it’s fine
Did she say something
That made you cry
Have you lost it all
The big fall
Oh so slowly
Comes back holy

Bishop takes a knight
But I will put up quite a fight
Here is your ham on rye
Elementary the chemistry
Means everything to me
The long progression’s why

Set it off to collect knowledge
Quit a job
And go to college
All about the aftershock
Swedish latin super funk
Moses of Manhattan
Made it great
Pain we celebrate
And I love
The long progression

In between the reasons
Are the psychedelic seasons
Simple as your stride
Information intimated
Elegant and integrated
Sweep your floors with pride

‘Cause it’s all a ride
All supplied
And I love
Everything about this session
And this long progression

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