Amy Grant

Look What Has Happened To Me

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In the morning when I wake
And my feet can find the floor
I stumble down the hall
And I open up the door

Then I look into the mirror
Just like you know you do
Stopping for a moment
I can feel my mind go through

The boundaries of time
Back to a heart without his love inside
I was more than just alone
I was dying on my own
Thinking that nothing was ever gonna save my life

Look what has happened to me
I find it hard to believe
His love has taken my life
This far, so far
Look what has happened to me
My mind can hardly conceive
What I'm beginning to be
Look what, look what

When you stop to think it over
Do you think you're doing well
Are you getting stronger
Can you really tell

If you're truthful with your feelings
Then you'll see there's room to grow
Though we may have found the answer
There is so much more to know

More to this life
You can never stop growing, or you'll start to die
I cannot survive alone
I am nothing on my own
But seeing's believing and if you need to see
Look at me

Repeat CHORUS x 2 and fade