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Devotion, shines through the silver dawn
Show me as I play myself
Enslave the circle around me
I need a storm to break it all down

From wretchedness
From misery and blame
Bow to evil darkness
The new (inaudible)

Whats left is ruined pure
The walls of your Innocence
The meanings concealed
Unless you shed the gar

Procedamus eunomius ce (inaudible)

Crawling nice
The pretty, crawling upon these white walls of truth
Embrace the essence of foul things

Eunomius glem

Put forth this life
Elysium's Gates been reached but one must die
When one is perfect true
It grows in the wells of death
Both directions

Awake life in glory
Fallen forever
Before shifting I am the lover in myself
The same
Let me drink from the inverted treasure of death

Try to flank where I reach the scene tomorrow

Through me is the way of death and sorrow
We turn over your whole lives within several inches of god
Where you give yourself access to the mysteries of divine intention

Still I see no gods
Bleeding till thy kingdom come
Drowning till thy kingdom come
Focus till thy kingdom comes