Losers And Winners

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You told me that you like her, but she doesn`t wanna know.
You tried so much to take her, bur there`s no way to go.
I know that kind of feeling, knocking on someone`s door.
I know the endless crying when you don`t know what you`re living for.
Write a letter. (What`s the matter?)
You`ll find better. (Write a letter.)
You`ll feel better when it`s done.
There`s one way to show what you feel for the girl.
Write her a loveley letter, tell her what you`re looking for.
Don`t think it`s old fashion to take one`s heard (when it`s true).
You gotta take it as a man when you can`t win her in this game.
Write a letter...
There are losers and winners, just like you and me.
You should give me the letter; I`ll use it for my own.
Maybe she wants to take me before she stays alone.
Could be my destination to pick up broken hearts.
Why don`t you take it easy and screw the girls who`s next to you.
Write a letter...