Dream Theater

Losing Faythe

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My foolish pride
My selfish heart
Lost in the dark
Blinded by my dark arrogance
And now you beg
For one last breath
And I’m the one to blame

There’s a reason, now I see
The reason you have chosen
To find the light inside of me
If only I believed
Here I am
Don’t be afraid
I will never let you slip away
Look my way

You must be brave
Find the strength to live for one more day
I will keep from losing faith
I will ask for grace, and hope I find a way
Like a candle’s dying flame
With forgiving eyes, she starts to drift away

Gabriel, my son
I see the tide is turning
Can the Chosen One
Keep a fire burning?
I would take my life
Just for one last moment
Use your gift, I beg
Make life begin again
Make life begin again!

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