Gary Numan


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So are we over?
Is this our end of days?
Are we so broken
That you can walk away?

But when you think back to when we first met
Are you sad?
And when you think back to all we've been through
Does it make you cry?
And when you think back to all the love shared
Do you feel anything?
And when you think back what did you ever
Think would come to this
And yet here we are
And I'm lost

If we're over
Then you're far away
If we're over
Then I'm lost

If I had one chance
If I could change your mind
If I had one wish
I'd wish for one more time

To see you again
Your hand in my hand
Once again
To hear you laughing as if forever
Like my only friend
To feel my fingers walk across your skin
With a kiss to end

To listen to you say that you love me
Like you used to do
Like I need you to
But we're lost

So it's over
You are far from home
So it's over
And I stand alone
So it's over
And I'm lost