Against Me!

Lost And Searching In America

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And if the waters rise the ground shakes and the sky turns black
If it was all over this minute, this second, is there something that you’d regret?
If we were written as a story actors, portrayed us in a movie
Our lives sung in a song on the radio
Would it make you want to sing along?
Would it show us all a reason to stay strong? Alright

And if I could change all that I have become
If I could take all the anger and the hate
And just give it right back to where it came from
I know somewhere I’d find an audience
I know I’d still find a stage
That would make me want to sing along
That would show us all a reason to stay strong

To an audience’s judgment my place is taken at the mic
I look stage left and I look stage right
The same songs, the same moves
Just a different night
You know I have lost it all and I will find again
All of my reasons are strictly intuitive
Let this expletive be taken as self definition
Am I getting through to you

America, oh, I'm lost and searching in America.
And in this, we celebrate (whoa) all that is not okay (whoa).
I don't know (whoa) what I believe in,
I don't know where I belong (whoa),
So I scream (whoa) at the top of my lungs
And I run in (whoa) every direction.

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