Lost Johnny

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You only get a single chance
The rules are very plain,
The truth is well concealed inside
The details of the game,
You can hear it coming,
You can see it from afar,
It´s pale and it glimmers
Like a faded movie star
And out there in the castle,
They´re trying to make us scream,
By sticking thumb tacks in her flash
And dancing in her dream,
Can you find the Valium,
Can you bring them soon,
Lost Johnny´s out there,
Baying at the moon
The time has come for you to choose,
You´d better get it right,
Berlin girls with sharp white teeth
Are waiting in the night,
But you want to really get some,
It surely can´t be hard,
There´s always trouble lurking
When you leave your own backyard
Underneath the city,
The alligators sing,
Of how the fool he cannot dance,
When someone cuts the strings,
Can you find the morphine,
Try to be so brief,
Lost Johnny´s out there,
Looking for relief
That laddie looks so evil,
And you know he really tries,
Every time he makes a play,
The final number dies,
And Sally buys her underwear,
From a store where no-one goes,
She makes it big in photographs,
On the strength of what she shows,
And here inside the waiting room,
The radio still screams,
And we´re shooting tuinol,
To murder all your dreams,
Can you find your credit card,
For god´s sake make it quick,
Lost Johnny´s out there,
Trying to turn a trick

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