Kurt Vile

Lost My Head There

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Lost my head there
Lost my head there
Lost my head there
I don't wanna sit around, walk around today
I'd much rather levitate

I was buggin' out 'bout a couple-two-three things
Picked up my microphone and started to sing
I was feeling worse than the words come out
Fell on some keys, and this song walked outta me

Lost my head (?)
Lost my head there
I don't wanna talk about it, yell about it, oh no
Me, I just wanna sing about it

Lost my head there for a second
Had a little funky psychosis - oh sweet relief!
I don't wanna sit around and walk around at all today
So I gone went ahead and just levitated

Lost my head there, whoops!
Lost my head there again
Didn't wanna mess around, look around at all of it
But then I did though