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They told me this is a free country
But now it feels like a chicken factory
I feel couped up I wanna bust free
Got nothing to lose if you get me
Like a Taliban trucker eatin' boiled-up yucca
I keep my eyes down like I'm in a black burka
Been through shit, yeah, it's a fucker
But now I make tunes
Say shaka laka laka
Shaka laka la, shaka laka li
Shaka lakalakalaka lucky lucky me
If you check me, I check you
If they kick you then I back you
Say something new, say something cool
I give you my time but I ain't no fool
I could I could I
Break a break a jaw
Every every time someone steps on my toe
I fight the ones that fight me
I really love alot (I really love Allah)
But I fight the ones that fight me
Who's in town?
Dem no like me, me no like dem
Like Hu Jintao
Instead of them I got a new found JEM
Someone I can love up like men
Like Obama (Like a bomber) needs to love up Chen
Like a hand-me-down sucker throwin? bombs out to Mecca
Call it Goodwill, get money to get better
Keep your head down like a UNICEF worker
If you get hit you can't question the fucker
How come how come I
Yeah but yeah but why?
If I B the F, who the F- B the I?
If you met me then you'll get me
But if you get me, will you get a fee?
Shits mennnu be free
Where's Bob Marley?
And I won't turn my cheek
Like I'm Ghandhi
I fight the ones that fight me