Zz Ward


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We’ve got the neighbors calling the cops
Cuz you’re screaming out my name
I’m throwing dishes from the rooftops
While you’re standing in the rain
We’re either fucking or we’re fighting
No caramel in between
You make me ill
But it’s such a thrill

There’s only one thing that would make me do
All the crazy shit I do when I’m next to you
It’s a little bit insane but it feels so right
And it keeps me coming back to you every night
It’s love!
Love (x3)
Love (x3)
Love (x3)
Love (x3)

You rip your shirt in half and cry
While I’m pulling out my hair
Argue for hours at a time
Because true love doesn’t care
That our cussing turns into kissing
Lights up like a flame
You make me ill
But it’s such a thrill

You break the windows (yeah)
On the car
But you never ever never ever
Break my heart
A sweet disaster (sweet disaster)
From the start
It’s so far from perfect but that’s just
Who we are

[Outro] (x3)
It’s love!
Love (x3)
Love (x3)