Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Love And Violence

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She walks real slow
Talks like an animal
What am I
Supposed to do
I've tried to explain
My heart's not a radio
But I can't seem
To get to you
Face to face
Tears on a heart of stone
When she talks
I walk away
It seems to me
It's just a waste of time
These are words
I know she's heard before
She's the girl
Guess I'll always know
And I've tried
I've tried
She always seems to know
The morning after
But not before
I haven't slept
I know I promised
To come see you
But now I have these
Things to do
All in all
It seems to me
You don't understand subtlety
Shall I make it obvious
Do you really want me to make up?
She doesn't talk
For days and days
And when she does
She always says
That I act real slow
Behave like an animal
What am I supposed to do?
And I've tried
I've tried
But she always seems to know
We don't make sense
Love and Violence
We don't make sense

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