Joe Jackson

Love At First Sight

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It's the crack of noon
And i sit here watching you sleeping
I only wish that i could remember your name
But i know it's written on a matchbook somewhere
And maybe i'll find it, and maybe i'll care
Or maybe your'll fix me with one of those stares
And put up a fight
So when you awake i admit i'm relieved
When you flash me a smile like a diamond
And just for a moment i almost believe
In love at first light
I propose a breakfast of coffee and aspirin
You laugh, suggesting a raw egg or two
But oh was it ever so good being bad?
Like a couple of vampires, deliciously mad
Saying this is the best blood that we've ever had
So we drank it all night
And it we untangle the webs that we weave
Then mayber there's room for more laughter
'Cos just for a moment i almost believe
In love at first light
Feeling cold
You put a robe 'round my shoudlers
Smile and pull one of your favourite books form my shelf
Let's opens the curtains and let out the dark
And if the sun doesn't melt us and there's still a spark
And we do something human like walk in the park
The spark could ignite
So maybe i'm moonstruck, or maybe naive
But i know there's a GOd and a Devil
So maybe i'm crazy enough to believe
In love at first light

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