Ghostface Killah

Love Don't Live Here No More

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Feelin' fresh, walkin' down the block
'Bout to see my boo, it's about 6 o'clock
Love is love, it'd been a long time comin'
9 long years, I know she missed my lovin'
Huggin', kissin' in the scent of the kid
She gonna fall out when she see me at the crib
Ding dong, can I speak to Bamboo?
It's me Penelope, stop actin' a fool
She said, "damn, I thought you was dead
Not a phone call? Not a card in the mail?"
For real a phone call? Stop
You know I had to up and leave
I told you I'll be back, girl, but you ain't believe
She told me 9 was too long, and she got a new man
One who gon' stay and hold it down for the fam
So scram, there's no more love for the kid
So I turned my head down and walked away from the crib

Loved so many times
I've been alone so long
Had to pull myself together
Find my heart a brand new home
Got a good thing goin' on
Can't let you mess with my flow
Too little, too late
Love don't live here no more
(Love is love, Tony's back up on the aisle)
(Gone for 9 years like 9 months to a child)
Cried so many times
(Where's my boo at? I need to see Bamboo)
(I got a lot of things on my mind, to explain to you)
Love don't live here no more
Love don't live here no more

It's like that?
Okay then where you put all my stuff at then?
You know, I thought, you know I swear he's, he been doin' this for too long
I done came home, you got another man, you know what

Oh word, so you over it? That's absurd
I never did a damn thing to deserved it
This is a man's world, I go away come home lookin' for you
Now you fuckin' up the plans, girl
You another man's girl, that ain't kosher
Once you see the kid's face you're supposed to
Drop what you're doin', show your loyalty and love
Step out on the porch with a kiss and a hug
Yo you buggin'

Just can't understand, you know. I treated you, I gave you everything you wanted. You know what I'm sayin'? And it's like you got another dude laying in the bed?
Wearin' my robes, wearin' you out
I know I was gone but damn, I just can't get it, baby
But I loved you though man, and I still do though

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