Clay Crosse

Love From The Sweetest Cup

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I was a pilgrim on a journey
Through a desert cruel and unjust
I was lost and I was thirsty
And there where no signs I could trust
Just when I started to falter
When I could no longer see
The sky of my world suddenly opened
And the heavens rained down on me


I drank love from the sweetest cup
And my thirst was satisfied
I drank love from the sweetest cup
And it washed away my pride
I was blind and I was weak
I was lost and I was lame
But I drank love from the sweetest cup
And I will never be the same

From a voice that had no distance
With a sound so pure and so clear
Came words whispered so softly
Only my heart could hear
There in the middle of knowing
Where my hope had started to sink
Grace like a dove, guided my onward
And brought me all I wanted to drink

Repeat chorus

You never know what's going to change you
Don't know the day or the hour
But when it comes it just might save you
'Cause it alone has the power

Repeat chorus

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