Pet Shop Boys

Love Is A Catastrophe

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Love is a catastrophe
Look what it’s done to me
Brought me down here so low
stranded, nowhere to go
No concentration
just rerunning conversation
Trying to understand
how I fell into this quicksand
What happens next?
With life I’m unimpressed
Pain like a cutter’s knife
Never been lonelier in my life
Who issued the instruction
for this mad act of destruction?
An end to equilibrium
Fate laughs:
Look what we’ve done to him!
High wind through the trees
Falling November leaves
A weak sun hanging low
Summer seems so long ago
All my former dreams
tender romantic schemes
revealed as so naive
To think I could believe
In love as the kindest law
not as a declaration of war
on my life and sanity
Now I know at last for me
love is a catastrophe

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