Love Is Blind

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they say love
love is blind
and true love
is hard to find
it makes you wonder
now you're yesterdays news
at the bitter end of a love affair
some you win some you lose
'cause love is blind

they say time
will heal the pain
but sooner of later
it's back again
but don't be angry
that your heart could be so wrong
when that old familar feelings got you
singing the same old song
'cause love is blind

now your days
are spent preparing
for the nights
you sleep alone
it makes you wonder
why you never learn from the past
'cause this ain't the first time baby
an' it won't be the last
'cause love is blind

so if love
love is blind
and true love
so hard to find
there's only one remedy
to take away the pain
you got to roll with the punches baby
and start all over again
'cause love is blind