Reba Mcentire

Love Land

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She wasn't wearing a wedding dress
In a Vegas wedding chapel
They were herding 'em in and out of there
Like they were cattle
Not exactly the fairytale that she had planned
But mama said, "Aren't you supposed to get married, girl
Before you bring a baby in this world?"
And all she could say was "yes ma'am"
She called her from that chapel
In Love Land
She said, "Mama, I really love this man"
Love Land

Seemed like a lifetime, driving from Vegas to Oklahoma
"If you're allowed a number of mistakes in life," she said
"Maybe I filled my quarter"
They called in a reception, saying you did the right thing
But they smiled, their broken smiles said
"Who needs to walk down the aisle?"
As she showed off her wedding ring
They walked away hand in hand
To Love Land
She said, "I really love this man"
Love Land

Amazing all the progress we've made
Since the days of Thomas Edison
Still only God gives life
In spite of modern medicine
The doctors' voices whispered
"We did all that we could do
But your baby wasn't strong enough
To make it the whole nine months"
And as their world broke in two
He said, "I'll carry you through
To Love Land"

She said, "For the longest time I've blamed myself
Thought I was paying for my mistakes"
But they tried again, now they're watching him
All three candles out
He's daddy's little man
She said, "Only God could've planned the steps I've taken
That led me to where I am
Love Land
Love, Love Land
Anywhere you hold my hand is Love Land
Ooh, Love Land"

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