Love & Leaving

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Hey Slim how long's it been
Five minutes maybe 10
Can't wait to see you again and again
First taste of this romance
Hell baby I almost danced
Caught myself close to believing
But every time is a brand new feeling
Lay me down in cool clear water
For a moment I've forgot her
Still I know where this is leading
Win, lose, which we choose
Won once and once refused
Already burning down the fuse
Don't wanna be building walls
Cause everything rising falls
It's darkness here the light's concealing
Love it seems is too revealing
Hidden in some secret place
Etched in lines around my face
The ghosts in here are all competing
Over one more song about love and leaving
Down, down we all fall down
Down, down we all fall down
We all fall down, yeah we all fall down
Let's toast to new love blooming
It's all around and all consuming
It's a dream you're bound to follow
Til you find it's only hollow
I can hear the angels grieving
Over one more song about love and leaving