Aaron Tippin

Love Me Back

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Baby, you and me underneath the steeple
Two I do's and a half a dozen people
I can see it all plain as day
Come on baby, don't be afraid
you can make a dream come true just
like that
All you gotta do is love me back
All you gotta do is love me back
And I'll hand you the world on a string
I'll throw in the moon and the stars
And for that I'll only ask one thing
Love me back
No baby, you might think I'm jumping to
And to tell you the truth that's exactly
what I'm doing
I can't afford to waste no time
I've got forever on my mind
You've already got my heart and
that's a fact
Now all you gotta do is love me back
Fate's already set the wheels in motion
Just say the word
And I'll show you everlasting true
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Love me back
Love me back, girl

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