Love Me Like A Reptile

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Knew I had to bite you baby when I first set eyes on you,
That moment turned me on, I can´t believe it´s true,
I like to watch your body sway,
I got no choice, I´m gonna twist your tail,
Love Me Like A Reptile, I´m gonna sink my fangs in you
Thunder lizard, stony eye, you got me hypnotised,
Hot tongue breaks in and out and I can´t believe my eyes,
And your soft white belly, next to mine,
Scaly baby, see you shine,
Love Me Like A Reptile, you´re murder in disguise,
Black mamba, murder in disguise
Baby you´re a rattlesnake, you know the way I feel,
Feel you crawling up my back, you´ve got no love to steal,
You know I´ve got my eyes on you,
You´re petrified, gonna stick like glue,
Love Me Like A Reptile, shock you like an electric eel

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