Malcolm Middleton

Love on the Run

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One for the road
And two for the baby
a life that might have been
it's coming to the end
the beginning it's over
friends go but lovers must break

I'm sitting on top of a lonely mountain
Of shat-upon friends
My solitude is earned
Mistakes have been made
A lesson's being learned
So what do you think of me now
Who's looking out for you now

we've toasted the bad times
toasted the good times
we've drank to more times than we've had
my searching is over
I've discovered there's nothing
Teenage years froze my heart and it's sad

Love's on the run
I've been run out of this town
Love's on the run towards hate
The prize for finding my heart
You get sent back to the start
Love can fuck off it's too late

Don't fuck off
I need you to stay
My vision of the end is cloudy today
But if I can't see that smile
And I don't hear your whistle
The snakes in my heart will appear

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