Donna Summer

Love Shock

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heart is speeding up
now I want you to tell me
jut what's been going on
Your body is freezing
got all the symptoms around
with some radioactive love
Any minute you can start
going out of your mind
I wanna tell you
'cause it's no crime
the meter's showing
all of you vital signs
Say it's
welcome to my world
you've been infected by a
electronic girl
say it's
this time it's for sure
and I tell you that it
won't stop
'cause they got no cure
got no cure
You might as well face it
highly contagious vibe
and if you're good at reading
well read right between the lines
supersonic catatonic male
I think you're still looking very pale
Any second you could start
losing track of the time
wanna tell ya and it's no lie
'cause the meter's
showing all of your
vital signs
Such an extraordinary
modern day romance
Uhhh yeah
there's nothin' you can do to fight it
take a chance
go on and take a chance

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