Love song

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I´ve never written a love song
That didn´t end in tears
Maybe you´ll rewrite my love song
If you can replace my fears
I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin´ and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able to weather the storm?
There´s so much I would give ya, baby
If I´d only le myself
There´s this well of emotions
I feel I must protect
But what´s the point of this armor
If it keeps the love away, too?
I´d rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars
Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?
I need to hear that you´d die for me
Again and again and again
So tell me when you look in my eyes
Can you share all the pain and happy times
´Cause I will love you for the rest of my life
This is my very first love song
That didn´t end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I wil love you for the rest of my Life