Mariah Carey

Love Takes Time

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I had it all
But I let it slip away
Couldn´t see I treated you wrong
Now I wander around
Feeling down and cold
Trying to believe that you´re gone
Love takes time
To heal when you´re hurting so much
Couldn´t see that I was blind
To let you go
I can´t escape the pain
´Cause love takes time
I don´t wanna be here
I don´t wanna be here alone
Losing my mind
From this hollow in my heart
Suddenly I´m so incomplete
Lord I´m needing you now
Tell me how to stop the rain
Tears are falling down endlessly
You might say that it´s over
You might say that you don´t care
You might say you don´t miss me
You don´t need me
But I know that you do
And I feel that you do

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