New Politics

Loyalties Among Thieves

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What was that music in the back seat of your mom's car?
The soundtrack of revolution when it just starts
You tried to stop me right before we took it too far
Breaking your own heart?

And we came for the love
But we left with the money
I hate, I hate
I hate the way you love me

We are the young heart attacks
Full of "I'm never ever gonna come back"
And there's no loyalties among thieves
Expect for you and me

Breaking your own damn heart

A tattoo of an old stiletto on your left arm
I'll write a song about it on the guitar
They'll take our picture when we're running from the law
Breaking your own heart?

The story started as a monolog
But it got better when you came along
Just us?
Bonnie and Clyde have come alive again
But we all know just how the story ends
We know?